Sunday Messages

Summary: Through Ananias, Jesus healed, fed, and encouraged Saul (aka, Paul). Jesus works the same way through us. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Encouragement Life Application (Praxis): Encourage Christians who are young in the faith. Be a mentor. Explain what your faith means to you to another Christian.

Summary: Out of Jesus’s deep love, we are given stories about him that allow us to encounter him. The repetition of those stories allows us to know him more deeply. Today’s texts Bible studies about worship for small groups Life Application (Praxis): Make worship attendance a habit. Read Scripture aloud, even when in private devotion.

Summary: Jesus is alive, as such, his story continues to be written on our hearts and souls. Scripture: Creation Deliverance at the Red Sea Salvation freely offered to all Valley of Dry Bones Deliverance from the fiery furnace New Testament Reading Easter Gospel

Summary: Our God, Jesus Christ, took an instrument of death and turned it into the way of life. Through baptism, our lives become one with the crucified Christ and then take the shape of the cross.

Summary: Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, loves and serves you. We are therefore to reflect his love by serving and loving one another.