Summary: Our God, Jesus Christ, took an instrument of death and turned it into the way of life. Through baptism, our lives become one with the crucified Christ and then take the shape of the cross.

Summary: Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, loves and serves you. We are therefore to reflect his love by serving and loving one another.

Summary: Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, suffered the touch of pain in order that you might have life. Key Scripture & Application: Read the Passion of our Lord according to Luke. Participate in a congregational reading of the Passion. Go to all of the services of Holy Week. This story is the most important […]

Summary: In Jesus’s death on the cross and in his resurrection, we can sense (including smell) our new life. Life Application: What are times when you have smelled death or new life? How can you bring scents of resurrection into the lives of those around you?

Summary: Jesus, like a loving father, eagerly and recklessly welcomes those whom he loves back. Lectionary intersections: In the first reading, notice that the manna ends and the crops of the Promised Land begin. In the parable, the younger son was sustained until he returned home. Psalm 32 is penitential and is echoed by Jesus’s […]