Sunday Messages

Summary: The work Jesus has done is mind-blowing. To help us better understand what has happened, we study. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Prayer Life Application (Praxis): Sign up to come to our new bible study! Also: engage in deep readings of Scripture.

Summary: In prayer, we ask Jesus for help. We often pray for our friends and family. Because we are siblings with everything in Creation, we should, therefore, also pray for the natural environment. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Prayer Life Application (Praxis): Pray for your yard. If you don’t have a yard, pray for your […]

Summary: The Holy Spirit empowers us to give as Jesus gives. Sometimes, Jesus calls us, as he called Peter, to freely give up something we have. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Giving Life Application (Praxis): Make a donation! You can give to St Paul by clicking here. Try answering the question “What is Jesus wanting […]

Summary: Jesus, like a loving mother, cares for us. In his love for us, he serves us. Jesus’ disciples like Tabitha, through the Holy Spirit, display this loving service in their lives. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Service Life Application (Praxis): Thank some folks who have “mothered” you. Include your biological mother, but consider who […]

Summary: Through Ananias, Jesus healed, fed, and encouraged Saul (aka, Paul). Jesus works the same way through us. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Encouragement Life Application (Praxis): Encourage Christians who are young in the faith. Be a mentor. Explain what your faith means to you to another Christian.