Sunday Messages

Summary: When the Holy Spirit puts faith into our hearts, Jesus also shows up. With Jesus dwelling within us, he provides for all that we need. Today’s Texts Life Application: How has it felt when you have forgotten something? How does it feel to know that Jesus never forgets you? Consider telling someone you know […]

Summary: The faith that God gives to us does not make sense. However, the Holy Spirit gives us the understanding for us to have the fire of faith. Today’s Texts Life Application: If you are one for meditation, consider thinking about how the Holy Spirit has given you your faith. Whenever you encounter a struggle […]

Summary: The faith that God gives to us restores our relationship with God. The fire of faith is warm because of God’s love, mercy, and compassion. Today’s Texts Life Application: Reflect on the times you have been angry. Did you restore your relationship with the target of your anger? How do you think God wants […]

Summary: Faith is a gift that comes from the Holy Spirit. Out of God’s unimaginably deep love, God gives to us faith and the Holy Spirit. Today’s Texts Life Application: What are times the Holy Spirit has caused your “heart to be on fire?” Consider how the Holy Spirit has given you faith over the […]

Summary: Jesus has a deep, gut-wrenching love for you. Out of this love, he has rescued you. Jesus calls us to love our neighbors with a similar intensity. Today’s Texts Life Application: Consider times when you felt deep, gut-wrenching love and compassion. How can you bring the same love into your care for neighbors?