Sunday Messages

Summary: Jesus is the Lamb of God. He takes away our sin and saves our life. He brings renewal for the whole cosmos. The light of the Lamb is best seen in His blood. Today’s Texts Application: Consider how you can be more lamb-like. Where can you be more gentle? How can you promote a […]

Summary: Because we see Jesus, who is God the Son, we come to know God the Father. We continue to see the everlasting light through the practices of baptism. Today’s Texts Application: Live among God’s faithful people, hear the word of God and share in the Lord’s supper, proclaim the good news of God in […]

Summary: Sometimes we stop seeing what is around us all the time. We sometimes do this with Jesus because he is the everlasting light and he is always around. Whenever we get new metaphors and images to describe Jesus, we once again remember how awesome he is. Today’s Texts Application: Be the star of Bethlehem […]

Summary: God is not afraid of being with us in the messiness of our lives. Tonight’s Texts Application: Ask your phone to remind you “Remember! Heaven and earth have collided!” in a few weeks. Pay attention, for the extraordinary often breaks into the ordinary.

Summary: Just as God was with Joseph through the changes in his life, Jesus is with us as we go through the changes he is calling on us to make. Today’s Texts Application: Whenever you know Jesus is calling on you to make a change, take a deep breath and remember that God is with […]