Sunday Messages

Summary: God wakes us up to a shining new beginning. Today’s Text

Summary: The suffering and death of Jesus on the Cross is an act of love, and that is a pure grace. Today’s Texts

Summary: A lot of people and things want us to have faith in them rather than Jesus. But the faith God gives to us is trusting that the work of Jesus is for us, personally. God slips this faith into our pockets when we don’t notice them. Today’s Texts Life Application: Think about how God […]

Summary: Hope is a grace God gives to us. Even though we cannot explain it or give many details, hope nevertheless helps us to move forward. Hope is most fully embodied in Jesus Christ. Today’s Texts Life Application: Remember to breathe. When things get tough say to yourself, “In the end, it will all be […]

Summary: The saints of God live by the faith the Holy Spirit has given to them. This is a pure grace that nothing could ever earn. Today’s Texts Life Application: Accept that you were accepted before you could accept.