Sunday Messages

Summary: As Christians, we are to boldly profess Jesus Christ to the world. In order for this to be better, Jesus gives to us moments of peace and quiet so we can hear him better. Today’s Texts Life Application: Savor the moments of quiet, and the opportunity for moments of quiet, that you find. Consider […]

Summary: In the Christian life, you have personal relationships with the whole Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Today’s Texts The Athanasian Creed Life Application: Celebrate and relish the relationships you have with the three persons of God. Reflect on the times the different persons of God interacted with your life. Consider talking about those […]

Summary: Just as Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to the Apostles to go to the people, we are sent out to invite people into the life of Jesus. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Inviting The Mission Jesus Has Given Us “And Jesus came and said to [the eleven disciples], ‘All authority in heaven and on […]

Summary: The work Jesus has done is mind-blowing. To help us better understand what has happened, we study. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Prayer Life Application (Praxis): Sign up to come to our new bible study! Also: engage in deep readings of Scripture.

Summary: In prayer, we ask Jesus for help. We often pray for our friends and family. Because we are siblings with everything in Creation, we should, therefore, also pray for the natural environment. Today’s Texts Bible Studies on Prayer Life Application (Praxis): Pray for your yard. If you don’t have a yard, pray for your […]