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Allhallowtide, which began yesterday, continues today and into tomorrow. We set today, All Saints Day, aside for the saints whose names we know. Whether these are Christians who have only recently died or the names of our ancestors in the faith who died long ago but whose names we still know. One of the gifts […]

It was much to my dismay that I learned, in recent years, some (non-Lutheran) Christian groups were appropriating Reformation Day celebrations as a way to push out Halloween. These groups falsely believe that Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve) is “pagan” or a “Devil worshipping Day” or some other such accusation. As a person who enjoys celebrating […]

Why do we wear red on Reformation Sunday? I have been thinking about this for over a decade now. One year in college I wore a red shirt on Reformation day. When I went to speak with one of my professors he asked, “Are you wearing that in honor of all the people who died […]

We all want healing. The very fiber of our being cries out for release. We have all sorts of aches and pains. Some of these injuries are physical, but others are emotional or social or psychological. Our hearts plead for respite and release. In the deep of our souls, we know that these hurts are […]

Today, October 4, is the Church’s observance and celebration of St Francis of Assisi! This observance helps us see the great unity that pulls together many different studies and practices of the Christian life: Church History – The study of history helps us remember the stories about the life of Francis. It helps to know […]