Sunday Messages

Learning Life Together Anew — Learning Life Anew series ***Correction: When the key play happened, the Nittany Lions were down by 4 points, not by 7.***     Message Notes Summary: We gather together to talk about the amazing event that God did through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Whenever we gather, Jesus is there […]

Learning Life Anew! — Easter Sunday 2018   Message Notes Summary: Through his death on the cross and his resurrection, Jesus has opened to us life anew. Key Tech Link (click on Waldo’s picture): Key Scripture: “[Go], tell his disciples and Peter that he is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see him, just […]

The Way of the Cross — In God’s Way — Palm & Passion Sunday   Message Notes Summary: The cross has been a destination of God’s Way for many ages, and this story of God’s way is given to the Church out of love. Key Emojis for this week: 🌿👑🍷🥖❤👣💧⛓✝💀🌑☀🎉 (lovingly taken from the Facebook page […]

Promotion — In God’s Way — Week 5   Message Notes Summary: Jesus is the center of the universe, and just as people promote products, trends, and people who they believe to be important, we are to promote Jesus. But regardless of what we have done or failed to do, Jesus has lovingly already chosen […]

Sufficiency – In God’s Way – Week 4*   Message Notes Summary: While it is impossible for humans to be sufficient on our own, God’s grace is more than enough and it is given to us as a gift. Key GIF:  Key Scripture: [Jesus said to Nicodemus:] “Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so […]