Sunday Messages

Today’s Texts Prayer Resources For This Time The mass closures and quarantines we are participating in are making a lot of anxiety, disappointment, and what could become loneliness. A lot of the focus has been on what we cannot do because many activities have been discouraged. Cannot go to school or the library. Trips for […]

Summary: The words that have proceeded from the mouth of God can be misused by evil forces. We must test the words we hear. In this time of discernment, we have others in the Church as well as Jesus himself. Today’s Texts Application: The next time you hear someone quoting Scripture in the world, critically […]

Summary: The transfiguration of Jesus subverts our expectations: instead of seeing glory in bright and shining light, we see God’s glory in the dark and shadow of the cross. Today’s Texts Application: Think of the ways Jesus is calling you to bear fruit. How does it reflect the ways of the cross? Attend Ash Wednesday […]

Summary: Jesus calls us to into being the Covenant. We are only able to become the Covenant because Jesus brings us into himself Today’s Texts Application: Consider the ways Jesus is calling you to be the covenant. How are you to bring healing to the Earth? Is it by volunteering? Donating?

Summary: Jesus is the Lamb of God. He takes away our sin and saves our life. He brings renewal for the whole cosmos. The light of the Lamb is best seen in His blood. Today’s Texts Application: Consider how you can be more lamb-like. Where can you be more gentle? How can you promote a […]