The Worship and Music Team shall consist of at least three members and an elected chair. The elected chair is responsible for recruitment of team members as needed. This team supports the ministry of St. Paul by focusing on the areas of Worship and Music within this congregation. This team is responsible for the following functional areas, including, but not limited to:

a. Recruitment, training, and supervision of choirs, in coordination with the Music Director and/or Organist.

b. Recruitment, training, and supervision of sacristans and sacristy

c. Recruitment, training, and supervision of worship leaders: assisting ministers, readers, acolytes, cross bearers, torch bearers, communion assistants, ushers, greeters, nursery helpers, counters, home visitors, and Eucharistic ministers

d. Recruitment, training, and supervision of Wedding Service Coordinator(s)

e. Supervision of placement and removal of decorations for special services.

f. Coordination of the schedules of organists, supply pastors, and special music, with the Music Director and pastor.

g. Planning and selecting hymns and liturgy in coordination with the Pastor and Music Director.

h. Coordination of special services and midweek services.

i. Developing and reviewing guidelines for worship related publications.