In the month of December, people start to wonder, “Where can I find a Christmas Eve service that is truly satisfying?” Where can one find the beautiful carols we love that are sung with the majesty that befits the season? A place that doesn’t tell the story as if it were meaningless, but instead a place where the story means more today than it did last year.

We know how that disappointment feels for you. No one deserves to feel that way, especially on Christmas.
This is why we have taken time to craft our Christmas Eve worship service to be one that is truly fulfilling.

When you arrive, you are greeted with both a smile and live music from the choir and organ. As the service begins, you experience the joy of getting to sing those classic Christmas carols with others who have also been eager to sing them. The holy story, from ancient prophecy to angelic choirs, is heard once again. Then Pastor Paul relates the beauty of the story to child and inner child alike with a children’s sermon, and then he explains how the story of Christmas tells us how God creates meaning in our lives today in his sermon, “Living Hope.”

The service will begin to draw to a close with a traditional lighting of candles and singing of Silent Night. After a moment of stillness, the lights will come back on and together we sing Joy to the World. After that, you will travel home having entered into a Christmas spirit that will last for days.

For this to happen, you will need to do one thing: come to St Paul on the evening of December 24. But before Christmas Eve arrives, you can say you are attending with this Facebook event. If you need some more inspiration before Christmas Eve, you are warmly welcomed to attend our regular Sunday worship services at 10:45AM, which are preparing us for Christmas Eve, but if you only need a solid and authentic Christmas eve service, we have you covered.

On Christmas Eve, the service will begin at 8PM with music starting at 7:40PM. We don’t want you to go through another disappointing Christmas Eve.

We are excited for you to have a meaningful and meaning-filled Christmas. We look forward to spending time with you on Sunday, December 24.