July 12 at St. Paul


This week we celebrate the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost we worship by using Zoom. Worship is at 10:45 AM.

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            Password: 725815

Stewardship Snippet: July 12, 2020
If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies also through his Spirit that dwells in you. –Romans 8:11
Stewarding our civic freedoms and responsibilities is hard, holy work that seems bigger than our meager resources and knowledge. But God’s very Spirit dwells in us, equips us, goads us, and moves our hearts and feet toward justice for all.


Nathan Söderblom, Bishop of Uppsala, died 1931; Sunday, July 12, 2020

A winner of the Nobel Prize for peace for his efforts to unite peoples after the First World War, Söderblom also called attention to the revival of early church worship principles, and helped to lay the groundwork for the World Council of Churches.

Bartolomé de Las Casas, missionary to the Indies, died 1566; Friday, July 17, 2020

A native of Spain, Las Casas first came to the Western hemisphere while serving in the military. Granted a large estate with indigenous slaves, he freed them after he was ordained a priest. He worked in the Caribbean and Central America to improve the lives of the native peoples.

Pastor Paul is available by phone 9AM to 8PM Tuesday through Sunday. Monday is his day off, but otherwise, feel free to give a call or send a text! If he doesn’t pick up right away, leave a message and Pastor will try to get back to you ASAP. His local phone number is 814-325-7571. He is always available 24/7 for emergencies.

The Church Secretary will be working during the normal hours of Tuesday and Friday from 11:00 AM -3:00 PM. She will be working from home for the time being but will be in and out of the office periodically. Email is stpaul68@comcast.net and church phone is 814-237-2081 or cell phone: 814- 699-1701. Messages checked often.

Caucus Meeting for the Nittany Conference representatives to the Assembly will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church on Wednesday, July 15 at 7:00 PM. Delegates and all members of the Nittany Conference are invited to attend.

Sprankle Scholarship: Anyone who wants to fill out a Sprankle scholarship application needs to have it in by the end of July. Send it to Randy Wills (rwilld3030@verizon.net) or Rodger Williams (rlw@psu@gmail.com). Forms are available on the St. Paul website.

Bible Study: For the next several weeks we are going to start looking at Paul’s letters (the Pauline Epistles) in our study. Study begins at 7:00 PM.

St. Paul Congregational Council meets via zoom on Tuesday, July 14 at 7:00 PM.

Worship for the Summer:  will continue by using Zoom. Based partially on Pastor Paul’s survey, it was decided unanimously that we will not plan any indoor services for the indefinite future.

Volunteers are needed for July worship via zoom: greeters, readers, and prayer intercessors. If you are willing to do this, please contact: Linda Rosensteel at Cell: 814-880-6059; Sally Kolesar at Cell: 777-1830; or Karin Lowry at 814-699-1701. Thank you.

Farmers Market: The Market is in full swing of its new season and is open again 3 to 7 pm every Thursday until September 24, 2020. COVID-19 protocol will be followed. Volunteers (teens to seniors) are needed for traffic management, setup and cleanup, and entry monitoring.  Volunteers: If you’d like to volunteer or know someone we should ask, please contact Linda Rosensteel  Cell: 814-880-6059 or Sally Kolesar Cell: 777-1830.

Church Usage Update:  We look forward to when we can all gather in our sanctuary for worship. For now, St. Paul will continue to worship by Zoom. Opening for meetings and worship will require much planning in order to keep us all safe. The congregation council has decided it would be unwise to open at this time and has recruited a Planning Committee that will work on meeting the COVID-19 protocols.
     In this meantime, the council asks that you please avoid entering our building.  People who must enter to do office work or building maintenance are asked to sign in and to sanitize everything in the building they touched before leaving.  The sign-in sheet is at the door of the church office.

State College Food Bank:  Despite the fact that we cannot pick up your Food Bank items at the church, they are still collecting items on Mondays (9-4:30) and Wednesdays and Fridays (9-3:30). Besides the items listed below, they take garden items.  Pickup is contactless, using a bin. If you’d like to take a little drive, here’s an opportunity to do a good deed.  Plain White Rice (1-2 pound bags or boxes), Sugar (2 or 4 pound bags), Vegetable or Canola Oil, All-Purpose Baking Mix or Pancake Mix, Canned Protein Beans, Canned Fruit, Canned Corn, Canned Green Beans, Ketchup, Yellow Mustard, Mayonnaise, Salad Dressing: Ranch and Italian, Peanut Butter, Canned Soups, Canned Pasta (Spaghettios, Chef Boyardee, etc.), Coffee – Regular, 100% Fruit Juice (64 oz. bottles), Powdered Lemonade Mix

Blessing Box — Do you need a blessing? Do you want to be a blessing?

We now have a blessing box on the church porch to share non-perishable food and household/personal items.  Take what you need…leave what you can. Open to all! Please share with your friends and neighbors.

     If you have something you would like to donate but can’t get to the church for any reason, please let me Michelle McMullen know (by phone or text 412-965-1694; mmcmullen273@gmail.com) and she will arrange a time to come pick up the items from your church.

     Anyone is welcome to take what they need and leave what they can. It is like a mini-free library, only with food. This is a way we are helping our community during this hard time.

    There are also books that can be picked up and for taking home for those wanting new reading material. Help yourself.

     We have a team of folks who are monitoring the blessing box and will be taking food to the food bank periodically. 

     *Please note that food items should be carefully checked with expiration dates. Expired items should not be put into the Blessing Box.

     *Please continue to spread the word about the blessing box for food and for books.

July Anniversaries

7 David and Stacy Pribulka; 31  Lloyd and Marilyn Niemann

July Birthdays

4 Susan Barnes; 10 Marilyn Niemann; 11 Ike Rosensteel; 14 Bonnie McMiniment; 16 Mike Boonie , Drew Johnson, Dan Molnar; 20 Christian Richard, Heidi Lauckhardt-Rhoades, 22 Jennifer Johnson; 23 Deb Eckess, Bill Stout; 27 Shirley Gilligan; 28 Linda Rosensteel; 30 Sandee Hemmann

Readings for July and August 2

July 12 Readings: First Reading: Isaiah 55:10-13; Psalm: Psalm 65:[1-8] 9-13; Second Reading: Romans 8:1-11;Gospel: Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

July 19 Readings: First ReadingIsaiah 44:6-8; Psalm: Psalm 86:11-17; Second Reading: Romans 8:12-25;  Gospel: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

July 26 Readings: First Reading: 1 Kings 3:5-12; Psalm: Psalm: 119:129-136; Second Reading: Romans 8:26-39; Gospel:  Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

August 2 Readings: First Reading: Isaiah 55: 1-5; Psalm: Psalm 145: 8-9, 14-21; Second Reading: Romans 9: 1-5; Gospel: Matthew 14: 13-21.

Pray for Bishop Rhyne: Following Bishop Rhyne’s physician’s appointment today he asked me to update you on his health status. The Bishop continues to deal with shortness of breath, chest congestion, and coughing. His fever has subsided, but he continues to monitor it. His doctor has ordered another round of tests. The doctor has prescribed him a different medication to help with breathing. The smallest of tasks requires a great deal of energy. Because of this, the Bishop’s appearance on Zoom meetings will be limited over the next few weeks. He will remain at home and respond to messages as he is able. If you have a matter that needs more immediate attention, please call the Synod Office or send an e-mail. We appreciate your patience at this time and ask for your continued prayers for Bishop Rhyne as he works toward recovery.