Stewardship Snippet–December 24, 2019, Nativity of the Lord-Luke 2:19But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart. The Messiah is born, so let us celebrate! Long after the presents have been opened and the decorations packed away, the amazing gift of Jesus remains. Let us ponder the story in our hearts and share this very good news wherever we go.


Stephen, Deacon and Martyr, Thursday, December 26, 2019–Stephen was a deacon and the first martyr of the church. He was one of those seven upon whom the apostles laid hands after they had been chosen to serve widows and others in need. Later, Stephen’s preaching angered the temple authorities, and they ordered him to be put to death by stoning.

John, Apostle and Evangelist, Friday, December 27, 2019–The son of Zebedee and brother of James, John was one of the twelve disciples and witness to the transfiguration. Tradition has named him also the writer of the Gospel of John, the three New Testament letters bearing his name, as well as Revelation.

The Holy Innocents, Martyrs, Saturday, December 28, 2019–This day commemorates the young children killed by Herod in Bethlehem in his jealous attempt to murder the baby Jesus, a sobering reminder of the evil that led Christ to be born for our salvation.

Name of Jesus, Wednesday, January 1, 2020–By Jewish law, every baby boy was circumcised and named on the eighth day of life, so on the eighth day of Christmas the church celebrates this event in Jesus’ life. The keeping of the covenant as well as Jesus’ name are signs of God’s salvation given to us through him.

Johann Konrad Wilhelm Loehe, renewer of the church, died 1872, Thursday, January 2, 2020–A nineteenth-century German Lutheran pastor, Loehe worked to enliven the church with the eucharist at its center, from which would flow evangelism and social ministry. He sent pastors to North America, Australia, New Guinea, Brazil, and the Ukraine.


Tuesday, December 24 is the Nativity of Our Lord. Candlelight service with Holy Communion offered by intinction. Prelude music begins at 7:00 PM and worship begins at 7:30 PM. 

Pastor Paul will be on vacation beginning Wednesday, December 25 through January 1. For pastoral emergencies only he can be reached by calling 717-440-3453 or the church office at 814-237-2081. The Office Secretary can be reached by cell phone 814-699-1701 and will contact Pastor Paul.

December is the time for making a list of gifts we will give and also for making tax deductible contributions. The St. Paul Congregation Council encourages you to consider making a gift to St. Paul!

Thank you to all who signed up for the Wishing Well on December 16 to help Interfaith Human Services in their ministry to the communities in the area. 

Volunteers for worship in January. Sign-up sheets are on the table in the narthex. Please prayerfully consider how you might serve.

January, February and March sign-up sheets for flowers, wine, bulletins and candles are on the narthex table. 

A congregation member has donated blankets that were made by the women in the congregation probably in the 1960s or 1970s. WELCA is selling them for a donation. There are 5 left. Please contact Linda Muthler or Sally Kolesar if you would like one. Any that are not sold will be donated to a homeless shelter.

Pastor Paul’s Office Hours:  Wednesdays, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM or by appointment and by  phone 717-440-3453. Office Secretary’s new hours:  Tuesdays and Fridays, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

DVD of program, Men in Blue, shown at the PGM Presbyterian Church in October, is now on dvd.  You can borrow this dvd for viewing. Please see the sign up sheet on the narthex table.  Copies can be purchased for $15.00 by contacting Carol Ziegler at the Presbyterian Church in PGM.

Current needs of State College Food Bank as of November 27, 2019:  Laundry detergent, Boxed Pie Crust, French Fried Onions, Gift Cards to Wegmans to purchase fresh potatoes & ham, Jelly (flavors other than grape), Ketchup , Mayonnaise, Soup (Chunky, Progresso, etc.), Canned Chicken, Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Ranch Dressing, Canned Pears, Pancake Mix, Cooking Oil, Salt, pepper, and spices, Pancake Syrup.

Please Note: *Please place any gift cards in the Rosensteels’ mailbox. You may also donate money to the Food Bank through your offering envelopes.  *We are not in need of the following:  Baby Food, Baby Formula, or Protein Beans *We cannot accept expired or opened food items. Please check the expiration dates on items before donating them. Our food donation guidelines provide assistance in determining what can be accepted. *We thank the St. Paul family for all your generous donations to the Food Bank. On Friday, October 18 a total of 49 pounds of food was delivered! Thank you to Linda and Ike Rosensteel for taking items to the food bank.

Allegheny Synod 40,000 Can Challenge — December 1, 2019, through February 2, 2020.  Again this year, we our congregation to gather food items for our local food banks, agencies, and organizations which care for people in your community. All donations should be directed to your local organization.  Each week the Office Secretary will inform the Synod Office the number of donations our church gives. Thank you. A basket is in the narthex by the coat racks for your offerings.   St. Paul donated 30 items for State College Food Bankvthe first week.

Looking to the future:

December 29, First Sunday of Christmas—worship is at 10:45 AM with Service of the Word.

January 5–Celebrating the Epiphany of Our Lord

January 12—the Baptism of Our Lord; children’s Sunday school resumes at 9:45 AM

January 26—Third Sunday after Epiphany

January 26—Annual Congregational Meeting and Lunch 12:00 Noon; everyone is invited to bring a dish to share

February 23—the Transfiguration of Our Lord

February 26—Ash Wednesday

March 1—First Sunday in Lent

April 5–Palm Sunday

April 9—Maundy Thursday

April 10—Good Friday

April 12—the Resurrection of Our Lord

Happy Birthday:

December 24- Judy Wills; December 25- Jesus; December 26- Sheldon Corl;

December 28  Jennifer Stout; December 30- Jenna Bruger, Fred Ferguson