I got a haircut on Monday. With hair resting on the top of my ears, it was definitely time. While getting a haircut affects how you look, “you” stay pretty much the same as you were before the haircut. But, with a new look, one might find more reputability. It is one of the small joys in life when, after a haircut, someone notices and complements the new look.

Occasionally, while shopping, I find products that look new, but then I see, “Great new look! Same great product!” Companies spend millions of dollars trying to find the right “look” for their products. They spend a lot of time doing this so that their packaging looks more appealing to potential customers. While we know that the cover is not everything, it is certainly important. A product which someone has never had needs to build enough trust for a new person to try it. At that point, the product then can prove or disprove its quality.

It is now my honor and joy to announce that St Paul Lutheran in Pine Grove Mills has received the equivalent of a “haircut.” Through working with Corinne Karl Design we now have a unified visual identity that we will use in our digital and written communication. Maybe you have noticed the new graphics popping up in various places already!

As we begin the Advent and Christmas seasons, we are still the same great congregation. The change is that now we have a great new look. The message of the Gospel is the same. Our mission is still the same. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Even though Jesus stays the same, the Church has made adaptations. This change is in line with the Church’s great tradition of getting a new look so that our exterior looks as great as our interior!

Our King and God, Jesus Christ, has brought the shining light of a new dawn among us. We have the strength until he returns to reign forevermore!

God keep your life centered and renew you in love,
Pastor Paul+