Saint Luke the Evangelist. Russian Eastern Orthodox icon from Russia. 18th century. Wood, tempera.

We all want healing. The very fiber of our being cries out for release. We have all sorts of aches and pains. Some of these injuries are physical, but others are emotional or social or psychological. Our hearts plead for respite and release. In the deep of our souls, we know that these hurts are not how it is supposed to be.

Today the Church remembers St Luke the Evangelist, to whom we attribute the books of Luke and Acts. Church legends tell that Luke was a physician. The reasoning behind this assumption is probably because St Luke’s gospel account has a focus on the healing miracles Jesus performed. As such, it is one tradition in the Church to have healing services with the anointing of oil. Whether or not Luke was actually a physician is beside the point. Rather, the point is that the idea of healing echoes throughout the ages as a deeply shared yearning.

It doesn’t really matter if Luke was a physician or not. Above all, the bigger point is that Jesus healed the sick and injured. To say it another way, Jesus is the Great Physician. The one who is the healer of our every ill. Jesus is the one who is the balm for our woes.

Jesus brings healing not just for us as individuals, but he also heals all Creation, including the global climate, and the Church. We find our restoration in our Lord.

May your eyes see the healing and restoration of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ.

My God continue to be with you,
Yours in Christ, Pastor Paul+