Do we leave room for the mysterious?

Too often, I doubt that is the case. In western culture there is a bias to ignore things that seem impossible. An oft-repeated phrase on the internet is “pix or it didn’t happen!” That is simply a distillation of a preference for visual proof.

The Universe is unimaginably vast. Our Milky Way Galaxy has an estimated 100 BILLION stars. And astronomers estimate there are around 2 TRILLION Galaxies in the whole of the Universe. One must keep their mind open to the possibility that strange and impossible things might be commonplace on other planets, stars, and galaxies. While we know more about our planet than others, we still don’t know everything. Around 80% of the ocean is still unknown, so we don’t know the extent of what we don’t know!

This Sunday we are commemorating the Archangel Michael and all angels. We don’t know much about the angelic beings, so they are a corner of the Creation which we know we don’t know.  Unlike our commemorations of saints, this is a day we set aside for the wonder and mystery of the rest of creation. While this could be humbling, it can also be a way to help us rediscover a sense of wonder at what our Lord has made.

With that renewed sense of wonder we can, once again, hear the news of what Jesus has done for us, and do so with new ears. The mystery of faith abounds with fathoms of depths waiting to still be explored. It is not so much that we need to leave room as it is for us to open our eyes.

God continue to be with you,
Yours in Christ, Pastor Paul+