Hey folks!

This Sunday morning is going to be a great way to enjoy the beginnings of the new season!

Sunday school is at 9:45am. This week’s lesson is about how Joseph helped his brothers. I will be teaching this week

And then, at 10:45am, we will be celebrating Harvest Home. And as it is our tradition, we will be using Of the Land and Seasons for much of the music for our worship. I love Of the Land and Seasons. Because of my love for it, Megan and I chose it to be used for our wedding service. It is also the liturgical setting I wish to be used for my funeral.

I love Of the Land and Seasons because it is designed so beautifully. The words and metaphors in the service are drawn from the agricultural practices of the Adams County fruit belt. Having grown up attending church camp in the middle of the fruit belt this always brings joy to my heart. As for the music, the base melodies are from folk songs that once were sung in the Appalachian mountains. As someone who likes music and history, it isn’t hard to see why I love it so much.

One of the results of the work done by Pastors Stephen and Beth Folkemer, who put this setting together, was that they created an authentic liturgy for the rural landscapes of our country, particularly for rural Pennsylvania. Another result was that this musical setting helps preserve some folk tunes for future generations.

The next time we will be using Of the Land and Seasons will be February 2. That is a long ways away and we are going to have plenty of joyous celebrations between here and there, but I would really hate for you to miss it this time around. With this next Thursday being the last farmer’s market of the season, you are invited to join us as we celebrate God’s faithfulness through the changing seasons.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Paul+

PS: here is a link to some of the folk songs used inOf the Land and Seasons