“If the prophet had commanded you to do something difficult, would you not have done it?” – 2 Kings 5:13

I sometimes find that I want to make things more complicated than they actually should be. That is what is happening in this one verse. Namaan, a commander of the army of Aram, was suffering from a terrible skin disease, and he went to the Prophet Elisha to be healed. The prophet told Namaan to go swim in the Jordan River, which is not a very impressive river compared to other rivers in the area. It seemed too easy to simply go swim in the Jordan. He was afflicted with a terrible skin disease that had not been cured by any of the many other efforts he tried. The servants of Namaan had to gently tell him that while he was willing to do something harder, he should just give the simple option a try.

The Gospel is really simple: God chose to rescue you. God chose you. And that is it. It does sound really easy, and that is because God did this rather than any of us trying to accomplish it. We do not need to do anything to earn God’s mercy, grace, or love. God chose to love you. It is one of the gifts that God gives to you.

Everything is reframed when we understand this. Rather than needing to do something good, we get to do it because we are given the freedom to be able to do it.

May God’s blessings always be upon you,
Pastor Paul

Almighty and most merciful God, your bountiful goodness fills all creation. Keep us safe from all that may hurt us, that, whole and well in body and spirit, we may with grateful hearts accomplish all that you would have us do, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.