Summary: Jesus works his power in weakness. He calls us to follow him along a similar path.

Today’s Texts

Life Application: Give a little more money, to the church or a charity. Be a servant: in work, volunteering, or in prayer. Tell others about Jesus.

A deleted scene: Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, does his works of power through ordinary and weak means.  In the Gospel it is through the proclamation of a short message.  It is in the unexpected and simple weakness that God does a mighty thing.  We hear a similar pattern in the story about Namaan.  Elisha tells Namaan to wash in the Jordan seven times, but don’t you think that Namaan had tried bathing when he first realized he had something on his skin?  No wonder Namaan is angered!  And yet, in an unimpressive stream with a simple message God healed Namaan.