A non-clergy friend of mine said earlier this week that this time of year is kind of like finals for pastors. And as I have thought over it, she is absolutely correct. And so, in lieu of a unique Friday Night Faith, I am sharing some meaningful words that encapsulate the next nine days.

“Every Sunday in worship the church celebrates the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit gathers us to receive again the gifts of God that come to us through Christ, the saving Word. On several key days at the center of the church year, however, worship takes a particular shape. These central days have come to be known as the Great Three Days, recalling Jesus’ own words to his disciples that he would be handed over to death, and that “after three days he will rise again,” (Mark 10:34). The Great Three Days encompass the time from Maundy Thursday evening through the evening of Easter Day. In particular, the services of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Vigil of Easter unfold in a single movement, as the church each year makes the passage with Christ through death into life.
“Today I invite you to enter this holy time of the Great Three Days and engage in thoughtful, meaningful, and faithful reflection on our Lord’s Passion, Death, and ultimately his Resurrection. We too will follow the steps of our Lord in these Great Three Days, and enter into the mystery of faith: Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.” – modified by the Rev. Daniel Spigelmyer from ELW pg 247

Palm/Passion Sunday’s Charge to the People:
Friends in Christ, the time is at hand.  The week we look to the center of all space-time has arrived.  We are in the Great and Holy Week.  The Passover of Christ is almost here.  Feast upon the Word and Sacrament on Maundy Thursday.  Be present at our Lord’s enthronement on the cross on God’s Friday.  Join the Easter Vigil after Holy Saturday’s Great Sabbath, and bring your noisemakers.  With you noisemakers, come and see the empty tomb next Sunday morning.

Holy Week Worship Times:

Sunday April 14, 10:45am
Thursday April 18, 7pm
Friday April 19, 7pm
Saturday April 20, 7pm
Easter Sunrise at Jo Hays Vista, 6:30am
Easter Sunday, 10:45am

God continue to be with you,
Yours in Christ, Pastor Paul+