First, an announcement: An important civic ritual is happening this weekend: We are “springing ahead.” It is, once again, the annual “lose an hour of sleep” weekend. Remember to set your clocks one hour ahead before you go to bed Saturday night.

This Sunday happens to be the first Sunday in Lent. The spirit of Lent is to grow a living faith; to renew our baptismal vows. It has been the practice for centuries to intentionally train one’s whole self to dwell in the life of Jesus a bit better. These techniques of training have been known as “disciplines.” If you haven’t begun a Lenten discipline yet, no worries: you can start afresh now. The traditional Lenten disciplines are prayer (which includes meditation), service (formerly known as “almsgiving”), study, and fasting. Done properly, these disciplines make us more aware of Jesus in our lives and grow closer to him.

What is a discipline you can take on that will help you follow Jesus a bit better? If you are not used to taking on Lenten or spiritual disciplines, do not be afraid to take on a small task. We wouldn’t expect a person who has never run in their lives to be able to do a marathon. A simple spiritual exercise is better than none.

God continue to be with you!
Yours in Christ, Pastor Paul+

Post-script: If you want to go more in depth about the Lenten disciplines, consider watching this video that features my worship professor from Seminary.