Christmas is coming!

Of course, mid-winter is today, but this coming Monday is our Christmas Eve service at 7:30pm with music starting at 7pm. The more folks we have, the merrier the service!

In the stories of Christmas, angels play prominent roles. Now, the word “angel” is actually a job description. “Angel” is the transliteration (writing a word in English from a different language, in this case, Greek) of the word ἄγγελος (Angleos). The word angelos simply means, “messenger.” Throughout scripture and in tradition, it became the description of God’s heavenly messengers, but in an original sense, it still means messenger.

With this in mind: you too can be an angel! You can be a Christmas angel by inviting someone to Christmas Eve worship! You would simply be a Christmas messenger, therefore, an angel!

Be a messenger; be an angel.

God continue to be with you,
Yours in Christ, Pastor Paul+