You covered [the earth] with the deep as with a garment; the waters stood above the mountains.
At your rebuke the waters fled, scattered by your voice of thunder.
They went up into the mountains and descended down to the valleys, to the place where you assigned them. – Psalm 104:6-8

Whenever I looked outside these past few days, the sharpness of the horizons and their crisp edges have caught my attention. The whole world feels as though it is suddenly in high definition. Waters flow down from the autumnal mountains into the streams and rivers that meander our counties and regions. I think of Slab Cabin Run flowing down Tussey into Pine Grove Mills and eventually making its way to the Susquehanna. As I marvel at the Creation of our Triune God, this Sunday’s psalm sings to us the same awe that the people of God have had for millennia.  God, who is the creator of the mountains and streams, is also our Creator.


May God continue to be with you and inspire you,
Yours in Christ, Pastor Paul+