The Pine Grove Mills Cemetery Team (Team) is formed of members of the St. Paul Lutheran Church to administer all aspects of the Pine Grove Mills Cemetery. The team of 6 trustees, appointed by the Church Council, has been meeting on a monthly basis since the team was established in January 2011. The team is governed by the Church Constitution and by a set of by-laws specific to the cemetery. Some of the work the team has coordinated includes:

► Established a new set of by-laws.

► Setup an annual budget.

► Replaced the roof on the utility shed.

► Cleaned and sealed the covered bench and install new brick pavers.

► Installed a display case under the covered bench to display Cemetery Ground Rules and Regulations.

► Established dates for removing floral arrangements.

► Cleared and leveled the North West property line.

► Leveled depressions in the ground between markers.

► Created a computer based database of lot owners and interments.

► Created computer based maps.

► Created a WEB site for the cemetery.