I’m New

First off, we are filled with joy that you are thinking of joining us for worship on Sunday! Here are some quick answers of what you can expect:

Our music style: typically pipe organ and piano, but on occasion we use acoustic guitar

Length of worship service: about 1 hour, 10 minutes

Expect to hear the story of how Jesus has chosen to rescue us and continues to save us because of his love for you and for all Creation.

How will I know what we are doing? As you walk into worship, you will be handed a worship packet (sometimes called “bulletin”) that has everything in the service printed it. For more information about our worship service, click here.

Clothing and Dress: We have people who come to worship dressed in suits as well as people in jeans and t-shirts. It is even okay if you wear your work clothing. Whatever we wear, we are happy to spend time with you and Jesus. For more information about clothing and worship, click here.

For the young kids: While we believe that children learn the Christian life best by worshipping God in Christian community, we know that kids sometimes have more wiggle in them than a parent expects. This is why we have a nursery staffed with volunteers. For more information about what we have for kids, click here.